Course rules

We want all our guests to feel at home with us. Certain rules are therefore a "must" and are set out in our site rules.

Dear camping guest,
The operators and staff of the Gut Kalberschnacke campsite warmly welcome you and wish you a good holiday. We will endeavour to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
In the interest of all guests, you are politely requested to avoid anything that could disturb the community on the campsite.

Therefore, please observe the following regulations.

  1. Access to the campsite is only permitted after registration at reception. Before finally leaving the campsite, the camping guest or visitor must sign out at reception. On the day of arrival, the camping guest or visitor shall pay the fees set for this campsite in accordance with the posted list of fees.
  2. Deposits paid for chip cards, keys and adapters will be refunded on the day of departure upon return.
  3. When pitching tents, caravans or mobile homes and parking cars, please follow the instructions of our staff.
  4. Order and cleanliness are self-evident obligations of all users of the campsite. All facilities and equipment must be treated and used with care and consideration in accordance with the instructions for use. Damaging trees, bushes, plants and other furnishings and equipment is prohibited. The perpetrator of damage will be liable for compensation.
  5. We attach great importance to cleanliness in the interests of all our guests. We therefore ask you to leave the sanitary facilities as you would like to find them. Small children may only enter the sanitary facilities when accompanied by an adult.
  6. Laundry and dishwashing is prohibited in the washrooms of the sanitary facilities. The dishwashing areas in the kitchen and washing areas as well as washing machines and dryers in the laundry room are provided for this purpose. The washing of tourist caravans and any motor vehicles is not permitted on the campsite.
  7. Enclosures and planting in the stand areas are only permitted in the permanent guest area following authorisation by the operator. The creation of trenches is prohibited. When erecting tents or awnings, care must be taken to ensure that cords, pegs (pegs) or other tent accessories do not endanger other persons.
  8. Sprinkling or watering of lawns is prohibited without the express authorisation of the operator.
  9. Waste of all kinds must be disposed of in the containers provided. Please be sure to separate your waste according to the signposting. Only household waste may be disposed of. Bulky waste and other waste must be taken away.
  10. Dogs must always be kept on a lead. Owners must ensure that the campsite grounds are not soiled by their animals. Dog owners must remove any soiling immediately and without being asked. The dog owner is liable for any damage caused. Dogs are not allowed to enter the sanitary buildings. Please note our separate Dog rules. Listed dogs and dangerous dogs according to the NRW State Dog Law are not permitted on the campsite.
  11. Driving on the campsite is only permitted at walking pace and must be restricted to the bare minimum. The StVO applies throughout the campsite. Only one vehicle may be parked per pitch. Additional vehicles must be parked in the campsite car park.
  12. From 11.00 pm - 7.00 am and 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm the campsite is quiet. No motor vehicles are allowed on the campsite between 22.00 - 07.00 and 13.00 - 15.00, except in emergency situations. Any kind of disturbance of the peace is to be avoided. Conversations and conversations must be held at such a volume that the neighbouring guests do not feel disturbed in their peace and quiet, all music is prohibited.
  13. No open fires are permitted. Fire baskets and fire bowls are prohibited. Barbecues are only permitted on your own pitch if no neighbours are disturbed. Embers and fires must be supervised at all times; embers must be extinguished after 11 pm. The person barbecuing assumes full liability for any damage that occurs. The campsite operator may impose a ban on barbecues if there is an increased risk of forest fires.
  14. To avoid unnecessary noise pollution, we ask you to use the recommended areas for ball games. The designated playground is available for children.
  15. Digging holes and pits on the site is prohibited.
  16. The pitch must be completely tidied up by each camping guest on departure. The guest will be charged for any necessary cleaning. The pitch must be vacated by 11.30 a.m. at the latest on the day of departure. Different regulations apply to rental properties.
  17. Every user of the campsite is obliged to provide proof of a valid gas test of his equipment on request.
  18. The campsite is reserved for holidaymakers. The exercise of a trade from or in front of the campsite as well as exhibitions on the campsite require a separate authorisation from the operator. In addition, the exercise or public display of partisan interests and group affiliations on the campsite is generally prohibited.
  19. Any subletting is prohibited.
  20. The operator and its employees are authorised to refuse to admit persons or to expel them from the site if this appears to be in the interests of maintaining safety and order on the camping site and in the interests of the guests.
  21. By signing the invoice, all points of these campsite regulations are accepted.
  22. Parents are liable for their children's compliance with these regulations.
  23. Anyone who violates the provisions of the site regulations may be penalised with an immediate expulsion from the site.